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Our Clients:

Catalyst Wealth Management

  • Attend to What’s Important.

    By focusing on what matters most with their time and energy instead of the burden of financial decisions, our clients appreciate the peace of mind our relationship provides.
  • Are Coachable.

    They expect and are willing to follow competent and qualified advice from experienced professionals.
  • Exude Passion.

    Goals require money and planning. Our clients are passionate about achieving their objectives while enthusiastically enjoying the journey.
  • Enjoy Simplicity.

    Our clients believe simplicity, freedom and peace of mind come from having financial decisions and investments under the watchful eye of a qualified advisor.
  • Understand Value.

    They are comfortable with our fee schedule and feel the service we provide is more than worth the fee they pay.
  • Expect Integration.

    Our clients understand the value of a comprehensive plan that covers tax, cash flow, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

Lending a Helping Hand.

Catalyst Wealth Management has been blessed and will be a blessing to others. We have adopted a village in Guatemala and we are starting a Village Transformation.

Los Achiotes, Zacapa is an impoverished, mountainous village located 1 hour and 15 minutes from Hope of Life and 3 hours Northeast of Guatemala City. The village is in desperate need of an improved water system, a church building, repairs to their existing schools as well as three additional classrooms to hold the children. The school also needs a playground and bathrooms. Once we get to know the village better, a plan for a sustainable income project will be analyzed.

We have committed funds to pay for a well and water pipeline system for this village.

Ask us about being a part of this exciting program.

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