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About Catalyst Wealth Management

Catalyst Wealth Management

The Catalyst Wealth Management story began with a group of financial advisors steeped in the best traditions of the financial industry. Founders Chris Pullaro and David Pierce, along with the rest of the Catalyst team, have made it their life's work to serve clients with sophisticated, confidential, and objective personal wealth management. Our primary mandate is to preserve clients' financial health by mitigating as many wealth erosion factors as possible. We recognize that at all times there will be investment trends that are favorable and trends that are unfavorable.

Our role as trusted advisors is to recognize these trends and arm our clients with the best tools available to take advantage of them with personalized, intelligent planning. Wealth creation and preservation is predicated on how one deals with these erosion factors in the most efficient manner possible. Through our many years of experience serving high net worth clients, we have determined that clients win in the long run by creating strategic plans recognizing that wealth erosion factors can never be eliminated but can be controlled through strategic planning based on tried and true principles.

It’s the understanding and utilization of these principles and techniques that creates long-term wealth. That is why the Catalyst Logo-an ancient Greek sailing vessel called a Trireme-symbolizes our core philosophy in how we deliver financial planning to our clients. The Trireme at its peak in the 8th century BC was the most sophisticated military vessel in the world. An exceptional ship, it was deemed to be the most efficient and fastest sailing in its time. Taking advantage of advanced sailing technology when winds were at its back while at the same time maintaining the ability to incorporate powerful rowing techniques when waters were choppy and where the wind was unfavorable. 

The relevance of this strategy holds true today as building and sustaining long-term wealth over a lifetime requires sailing and rowing type disciplines: utilizing growth investment strategies when the investment trends are smooth and favorable (sailing), and utilizing protection and risk management techniques when investment trends are choppy or unfavorable (rowing). At times, both may even need to be employed concurrently. Catalyst Wealth Management believes as a core value that clients win over time utilizing both growth and defensive strategies. In every decision, we are mindful of the fact that change is inevitable, and it's how clients and advisors deal with these changes that will dictate the success or failure of even the best plans.